Three Women Intuitive Painting

May 5th, 5-8pm


 Over our years of painting together, we have supported each other to take creative leaps, trust our intuitions      and do what we love. We now come together to share our visual stories with you…


  • Art heals and invites the viewer into a world without words

  • Art reveals and affirms the soul

  • Art celebrates uniqueness yet speaks to commonalities

  • Art inspires others to engage in the creative flow…


I paint because I like to paint. I just show up. Whatever is supposed to come out that day comes out. Then I show up the next day. Same thing. Painting helps me feel grounded in my life. It's just that simple.


PHOENIX SIMMS has undergone

years of investigation into the

painterly possibilities of oil on

linen and decades of practice

with the fluid physicality of wet

on wet dyes in silk, which she

now brings to uncharted

expanses of black primed canvas

in high key acrylics.


Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Phoenix earned her Bachelors of Architecture from University of Oregon and practiced as a licensed interior architect in San Francisco for ten years.


Upon moving to Aspen Colorado, she discovered silk and became a multi award-winning silk painter. For the next 15 years she made her living producing hand-painted fashion accessories for juried art shows, galleries and department stores such as Nordstrom and Henry Bendel.


Relocating to Santa Fe New Mexico in 2002 Phoenix devoted the next few years to the study of oil painting. She now weds those formal studio techniques with the mastery of color and spontaneity acquired from silk painting and a thorough command of design from her decade in architecture for her current, intuitive explorations in acrylics on canvas.


My paintings explore the inner world

and express it outwardly through

color, texture, and shape. The

exploration begins by “pausing”

my ordinary-world activities and

thoughts. Sinking into my body,

I become aware of its current

sensations and memories. Moving

to a painting surface with no formal

plan, I apply acrylics, pastels, inks or other materials—with brushes, palette knives, rollers or other tools—giving expression to images and stories as they emerge.

The imagery that arises shifts greatly from one time to another, resulting in some pieces being abstracted figures, some imagined landscapes, and some purely abstract. Despite their differences, they all share the colors of my inner world.