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Kevin Horan - Chattel

Now at the JFD Gallery

 the works of Keven Horan

July 22nd - Aug. 31st.

We have the complete selection of Kevin Horan's CHATTEL prints available.

Please inquire for pricing.


​The world around us pulses with living, throbbing, wanting, aware creatures.

After a move from city to country, my new neighbors--sheep--greeted me in a chorus of voices each time I returned home. Soprano, bass, raspy, soft, quick, slow: they were all different. It occurred to me these creatures were all individuals. Deep experience in making portraits of humans made me wonder if I could capture them as such. In their faces, I was looking not for animals who looked like people, but for non-human persons.Treated as if they were customers of the small-town photo studio, they seem to have personalities. Perhaps they do, and the photograph allows us to see them. Or perhaps the language of the photo cues us to generate the impression of a personage. 

When we make a portrait, what is it that we're seeing? Do the pictures here prove that the ungulates have personalities? This is a work about portraiture--what it does and how it works. These pictures ask for engagement of our own feelings about the souls within other beings, human or otherwise, and how visible they are from out here.

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